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Rabbi Moshe Sofer---(Chatam Sofer) ZTVL

Mr. Gilad Stern


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Product Description



Rabbi Moshe Sofer---(Chatam Sofer) ZTVL


Medium: Oil on Canvas 

Approximate Dimensions: 

              21"W x 26"H unframed.

             53CM W x 66CM H unframed.


Picture Details & Inspiration:

I was privileged to paint the powerful portrait of Rabbi Moshe Sofer (Schreiber) 1762 – 1839, the Foremost Halachic Authority, who was one of the greatest rabbis and rulers of recent generations. His contribution was crucial in shaping the Jewish-Orthodox view. He was a mystic alongside his proficiency in education and philosophy. To this day, the lithography of his portrait, by the artist Kriehuber Josef (1800-1876) is well known, but it is very different from his face as we see in the painting by the artist Joseph Edward August Van Gillen (1794-1845), German portrait painter of the Biedermeier period.


The original painting was recently unveiled and has already been auctioned by New York's Kastenbaum auction house.


For a long time I had been trying to obtain a copy of Rabbi Cook press biography put out about the Chatam Sofer.  But I had no luck in the matter…  

But just days after I handed my painting over to the client, the tide turned.  I received an email that a certain family in the neighborhood was handing out books left on a wealthy man's estate. As a bibliophile, I turned there, and I was rather disappointed that, aside from the number of illustrated Haggadahs I had taken, most of the books were generic, and I came out empty-handed.

  But I decided to stand on my toes anyway and reach for a thin, fuzzy book that glanced at me on the top shelf. There was nothing written on the old cover and when I opened it, what did I see? Well, this bio on the Chatam Sofer is super! It was the kind of sensation that you know someone is calling you from above! 


Available as Signed Digital Print