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Shofar blowing over Bat Ayin

Mrs. Kate (L.S.) Guzzi


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Product Description


Shofar   blowing over Bat Ayin  (Mrs. Kate L.S. Guzzi)

Medium: Acrylic on Board


Dimensions: 12"Hx16"W -unframed


Dimensions: 30CM H x 40CM W-unframed 


Produced; 2015


Inspiration: A Tzaddik (Righteous Man) hovering over the village of Bat Ayin; a whimsical place tucked in the hills of Gush Etzion,Israel.  From this region grapes were taken for the wine of the Bet Hamikdash (The holy Temple).  The valley is still lush with fruits and olive groves.  Underground springs of ancient times in Bat Ayin are also still running and visitors come from all Israel to dip in these natural Mikvehs.  I wanted to capture the timeless feeling of this beautiful place and the Tzaddik is rousing the people here with the powerful sounds of a Shofar blowing.  These sounds wake us up to improve ourselves and take a reflective look at our lives as we do on Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) when we hear them.  The Shofar recalls the memory of our forefathers in whose merit we are here, and who rushed to serve G-d 'with all of their hearts.




Available as Signed Digital Print