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Translucent Water

Shoshana Rothberg---Painter


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Translucent Water--Artist Shoshana Rothberg--Painter  

Digital Print Approximate Size:

 61CM H x 76 CMW  Unframed
 24"H x 30"W Unframed


'The above image of the woman dressed in red with green jug by cool blue water  is called ''translucent waters''.

This painting emerged from within my being without much effort  (so to speak).  I tend to relate to it as a self-portrait in a sense as it resonates with a chord deep within..& has emerged from within me without really using photographic images as i would normally do.  It has a 'look of me as my younger self.'.(a .free flowing.. budding artist..who draws inspiration from nature). 

I connect deeply with water ; probably both as a water sign &as an artist.  Water has a calming effect on my being...the word translucent has a quality of transparency..& so a way to see into an element of the inner part of self.. hence again my connection with it feeling like a 'self portrait'.


Available as Signed Digital Print