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Jacob's Ladde

Shoshana Rothberg---Painter


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Product Description


 Jacob's Ladder-----Artist Shoshana Rothberg--Painter 

Mixed Media

Gouche--WaterBase--Mixed Media

Approximate Size

 80CM W x 80 CM H Unframed 

 31"W x 31" H Unframed


YaakovAvinu's  (Jacob's) infamous dream of the ladder stretching to t 

heavens!.. On close observance you will see visual reference to the Merkava ( chariot of G-d) as expressed in the border of wheels & wings that surround  Yaakov (Jacob) as he sleeps.

 I have written both in Hebrew & it is also translated in English in a separate window beneath this image.  .

Here I have quoted from the Chumash (Torah) where it is written g-d's promise to Yaakov & Bnei Yisroel (Jacob & the People of Israel) to inherit the land of Israel!.. Clearly & Unequivocally!!!

Available as Signed Digital Print