Mrs. Tehilla Naki--Painter



About me---Artist Bio ---Mrs. Tehilla  Naki 

From an early age, color has become a dominant factor in my life.

Every emotion and sensation which I experienced somehow  took artistic form.

I studied with many artists and I tasted different styles until I built my own unique style; and today transmit my style and passion to my students and to those who surround me.

Most of my works showing today, utilize Modern style paintings with deep expression and emotion.

My greatest love is to paint Jerusalem, I feel that when I do emulate the city, my brush and paint become vitalized by my emotions and by my feelings for this special and holy city in which I was born and I live to this day,

My desire when painting, is to touch the heart of every human being ... from the reality of his/her life that will find him (her) self deep inside  painting and connect …

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