Rabbi Aron Kraus

Artist: Rav Aron Kraus

 How I have Developed
Over time I have become profusely affected by many of the backgrounds which I have been painting.  This is ironic, because I had originally set out to portray and inspire others with my artwork—and in reality—my artwork has instead caused a profound influence on myself.   The Jerusalem Landscape, the children of Jerusalem and the Jerusalem alleys, have all grown in depth and meaning as I have developed as a Painter.
Other topics which have enriched me are:
 Moments of movement, and of spiritual transcendence, Hasidic dance, prayer and devotional activity.
All of the above have helped me develop paintings full of animals and joy.
Review by someone who purchased one of Kraus's works:
 We find newness in A. Kraus painting   every single day,
The painting continuously communicates, and is never dull.
Kraus provides a presence, along with gentleness.   It is highly recommended.

History:  A realistic artist, Impressionist tendency.
Developed a unique method that combines qualities from the field of drawing, along with gentle work in oil,
Which gives his works an unusual Character.
He Is characterized by a selective reduction of details, in order to create various focal points of interest on the format.
Aspires for Multilayer work, using transparencies; while still leaving an opening to understand the process of creation.  
This leads to high interaction between the observer and the work, in an attempt to reconstruct the transition from a simple stain to a dancing shape.
The objects in his works are animated, characterized by humanity and movement, which communicate with the viewer through the format.

Picture #1 Standing (Artist Aron Kraus)
Rabbi Aron Kraus


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Picture #2 The Purple Flowers (Artist Aron Kraus)
Rabbi Aron Kraus


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